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Shara Kirby is an African-American SAG actor who is as fierce as she is bubbly! Born and raised in Detroit, MI (What up, doe?) and now stomping through the City of Angels, Shara started performing on stage early - from singing with her mother in church, to spending time at her local community theatre in the teen company. With her BA in Theatre from Wayne State University in one hand and a totally healthy obsession with comic books and dogs in the other, Shara is establishing herself to be an energetic and quirky force for comedic projects while seamlessly bringing out the range and thunder for dramatic content.

You may have heard her voice in projects like Genshin Impact, Pokémon Masters EX, Rainbow High, SMITE, and more!


She is currently the voice of TJ Maxx's "You to the Maxx" campaign and working on a confidential major studio TV show. She has also just finished working on two confidential game titles!