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Shara   Kirby

Theatrical and Voice Actress

About (AKA Shara Talks About Herself)

Shara Kirby is a theatrical and voice actress currently based in the Midwest. She's been acting on the stage since 14-years-old, and recently came into voice over in 2019. With her Bachelor's of Theatre in hand, along with a healthy obsession with video games and creative writing, Shara will bring a lot of energy and passion into your projects and give you quality sound and acting!

Catch up with her on Twitter or Instagram, or contact her at her email with business inquiries: shara.kirby80@gmail.com


Voice Over


Interactive Demo
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Character Demo
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Home Studio Audio Sample
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The Studio

  • Microphone: sE Electronics SE2200

  • Audio Interface: Universal Audio Apollo Solo USB-C, Avalon VT-737 plug-in

  • Software: Adobe Audition, Pro Tools First

  • Remote Connecting Programs: Source Connect Standard, Skype, Zoom, Discord


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